Anti-Hate Rally In Toronto – August 11, 2018

On August 11 I went to photograph what was planned to be an anti-muslim and anti-refugee protest in front of Toronto City Hall. When I got there I found that most of the people from far right groups who planned to be at this event were complete no shows. Instead there was a massive movement of counter protesters who came to show support for minority groups. This was my first time at an event like this and I didn’t exactly know what to expect but overall it turned out to be a very interesting day. The counter protesters had a wide range of different ideas of ways to counter racism. Some said that capitalism was the enemy, some said that the police are a group who are there to protect Nazi’s and attack minorities, and some just said that we don’t need to focus on who’s to blame and instead we need to focus on coming together as one and concentrate on building a community focused on peace and love. Overall, I had a great time watching and trying to take everything in and learn a little bit from the different people I spoke to at this event.

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