Alcohol PSA

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When it comes to drug policies many different people have many different opinions. On the topic of alcohol I believe that it should be legal but I do not agree with the views that I often hear from members of our society. Many people see alcohol as being less dangerous than every single one of the drugs which have been classified as illegal, this is true in some cases but not all. Growing up in Ontario, I’ve been bombarded with advertisements and endorsements for a drug that has resulted in a countless amount of deaths and crimes. I think the issue is that going through school I was always told to stay away from drugs because they would ruin my life, but somehow alcohol was exempt from the category of drugs. It’s my belief that one of the biggest issues with drug in the western world is the common view that alcohol is not really a “drug”. Because of this the significance of the negative impacts that drugs can present are often downplayed. If a person is consistently getting high on alcohol and forms a dependency than they’re an alcoholic, but if it’s any other substance they would likely be labeled as a drug addict, as if an alcoholic is somehow different. I believe that we as a society need to reevaluate which drugs are more harmful than others and adjust our laws towards those facts. Until that happens, I believe that at the very least the media should at least treat alcohol as a much dangerous drug than it’s often shown as.

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